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Presto Medicolegal Ltd is one of the UK's swift providers of medico-legal reports and services to the legal profession and aims at 'Service Excellence'.

We are registered with MedCo. We may appear on your MedCo Portal search, while you are looking to instruct an MRO for the Medical Report of your client. We follow time standards set by the MedCo and provide quality medical reports to our clients. Chose us for the service that will give you peace of mind and satisfaction.

Presto Medicolegal produce high quality medico-legal reports combined with unmatched professional service standards, as we have an in-depth knowledge of the medico-legal infrastructure and the medico-legal reporting process as a whole.

Every activity at Presto Medicolegal is a vital part of the vibrant structure aiming at the promise of excellent service. Presto Medicolegal provides nationwide medical reporting services covering all medical disciplines to the UK personal injury law firms with the reassurance that all cases at Presto Medicolegal are handled professionally and efficiently

The key fact to provide the professional people the best services is to work with dedicated and professional people. Our panel comprises of committed and highly professional experts. Presto Medicolegal has a diverse range of experts including General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Consultants, Plastic Surgeons, Accident & Emergency Specialists, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

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